10 BTS Jin Facts From His “GQ Korea” Interview

Get to know Jin with GQ Korea.

In a new interview with GQ Korea magazine, BTS‘s Jin answered questions about himself. Here are 10 facts about this warm-hearted, talented star!

1. The most memorable stage?

Answer: “IDOL” in France. During concerts, fans are watching BTS, but at the end of this particular stage, fans danced around with together. Jin loved seeing them have such a good time!


2. Which music genre suits Jin best?

Based on his personality, Jin feels that a lighthearted and exciting genre of music suits him. Disco, for instance. As a vocalist, however, Jin thinks he matches well with a genre or song that is moving, emotional.

3. Jin the soloist

With solo work, Jin is able to choose the key, lyrics, and melody that best suit his voice. As for storytelling, Jin is “very careful,” about what he chooses to sing about as a soloist. He feels he can only write a story that he deeply empathizes with.

4. Which song made a big impact on Jin?

“FIRE.” Jin was inspired by the lyrics, “Live however you want, it’s your life anyway.” He knows some people will hate him just to hate, but the people who like him will stand by him.

5. “Awake”

BTS’s song “Awake” gave Jin his start as a soloist. After watching his members work on their own solos, he used “Awake” as a way to challenge himself.

6. The need for novelty

BTS consistently churns out new music, performances, and messages, but staying novel isn’t easy to do. Jin acknowledged the burden of it. Sometimes, he doesn’t know what to write or which new stories to tell. He thinks his members must feel the same way.

7. His philosophy about rest

GQ Korea brought up Jin’s beliefs about the importance of taking time to rest. If he had a month of free time, how would he spend it? Jin feels that he would still feel the need to work on a song or something else during his break because he is so used to working.

8. Retirement plans?

Don’t panic! Jin isn’t planning to retire any time soon. In the future, he can see himself retiring in a quiet country village where he can barbeque on the roof, set up a tent outside, and throw the occasional party.

9. An unexpected gift

When Coldplay‘s Chris Martin gave Jin a guitar, Jin wasn’t sure if he was allowed to keep it! Chris Martin gave Jin the guitar after Jin commented on it by saying, “Your guitar is cool.” He had no idea Chris Martin would give him the guitar! The gift was so unexpected that Jin asked more than once if he was really allowed to take it home.

Chris Martin (left) and Jin (right) | @BTS_twt/Twitter

10. His New Year’s greeting

Jin is kicking off 2022 by encouraging his “young friends” with a supportive message. He wants them to know they’re doing well, and asks them to let go of any pressure they feel about starting a new year.

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Source: GQ Korea

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