10 BTS Jungkook Facts From His “GQ Korea” Interview

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In a new interview for GQ Korea magazine, BTS‘s Jungkook answered questions about himself as a person and as an artist. Here are 10 facts from his interview!

1. Measurements?

Jungkook’s right index finger is 7 centimeters. “We are 7 people,” he noted: 1cm for each BTS member. Back in 2016, Jungkook told GQ Korea that his foot size was 270.1, but now it’s 275, and he wears 280 shoes.


2. Instruments?

When asked which instrument he wants to learn the most, Jungkook said piano.

3. How have his music preferences changed since he was 15 years old?

Back then, Jungkook listened to songs he could practice b-boying to in his school’s dance room. He would sing along while practicing. Now, he listens to music that is similar to the type of music he wants to create.

4. The right song for the right mood.

Jungkook told GQ Korea that he chooses music based on how he is feeling at the time. If he is feeling down, he enjoys sad music. If he is driving at night, he wants calm music. During the day? Exciting tunes. He repeatedly listens to songs he didn’t like at first to see if his opinion has changed.

5. Songwriter JK

Lately, Jungkook has been working on songwriting. He writes down his melodies and lyrics in a notepad, then he records the lyrics to listen to how his voice and his pronunciation sound. He envies songwriters who are able to conjure stories for their songs from their imaginations.

6. Early bird or night owl?

Jungkook’s bedtime is much later than most. He usually goes to bed around 4 AM!

7. His work style

Jungkook’s work style can be compared to skipping a stone across a lake rather than diving into the water. He always has to be doing something, whether it’s exercising, recording a melody, or writing lyrics. Although Jungkook is multi-talented, he wishes he could delve deeper into his interests rather than only trying a little bit of everything.

8. How does he see himself?

When asked to paint a hypothetical self-portrait, Jungkook depicted himself as a gray, “splintered, cracked, hexagon.”

I always want to be perfect, and I always want to fly higher, and I think I have these great talents, but I also have these thoughts where I’m like “I’m lazy.” It’s very contradictory. I want to keep rising to the top, but I don’t want to at the same time. They say the hexagon is the perfect shape. But then you add a crack and the perfect shape isn’t so perfect anymore. I want to be perfect, but there’s always going to be cracks.

— Jungkook

9. New Year’s goals?

This year, Jungkook wants to say goodbye to laziness and trivial thoughts and hello to patience.

10. Memorization

Many people remember songs by their titles or the artist’s name, but Jungkook knows many songs by only their melody.

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Source: GQ Korea

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