10 BTS Suga Facts From His “GQ Korea” Interview

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In a new interview for GQ Korea magazine, BTS‘s Suga answered questions about himself. Take a peek into the mind of this brilliant yet grounded artist.

1. Which stage does Suga see in his dreams?

The Seoul finale concert for BTS’s 2019 LOVE YOURSELF tour is still fresh in Suga’s mind. Sometimes, he watches a video from that concert and ends up dreaming about it afterward.


2. Suga, AGUST D, and “By SUGA”

When asked about himself as a BTS member, a solo rapper, and a producer, Suga said that each part is 1/3 of him. All three show different sides of who he is, and Suga likes to give people the freedom to choose which part of him they want to see.

3. Keywords?

GQ Korea pointed out that BTS doesn’t shy away from telling meaningful “keyword” stories about dreams, reality, loneliness, and hope. What stories can we look forward to seeing in the future? Suga wants to tell more stories that draw from his personal experiences and what he feels.

4. How to deal with stress?

Sometimes, life gets stressful, and it’s easy to become caught up in a whirlwind of emotional chaos. In the midst of this, Suga stops everything he is doing and takes a moment to think rather than fight. He advises others to step back and assess their situation then wait a moment. Taking that time and distance will help you see the situation more clearly.

5. His changing perspective

At the beginning of his career, Suga was swept away by public opinion. He became sensitive to others’ reactions, especially online. Over time, however, he realized that just became he was seeing aggressive reactions online, he wouldn’t necessarily experience the same offline. Some things that blow up on the internet aren’t a big deal in real life.

6. Positivity prevails

Suga is known to tackle dark subject matter in his music, but these days he’s all about the positive. He said that since anger and han (a complex feeling of sorrow, injustice, and resentment) eat away at a person, he’s letting those feelings go and seeking out positive energy instead.

7. The secret behind “Morning”

GQ Korea mentioned Suga’s painting, “Morning,” an acrylic painting that uses audio waveforms to translate an auditory experience into a visual one. Which word did Suga use to express “morning” in the painting? It’s written on the back of the canvas, but only the person who has the painting will know what it is. GQ Korea theorized that the word must be special, but Suga said that depends on the viewer’s opinion. It might be special to them, or not.

8. Will he release folk songs?

It’s a possibility. Suga hasn’t been playing guitar lately, but he has been practicing singing. He would be interested in mixing music genres since, these days, there are no boundaries between genres.

9. His complicated relationship with music

According to Suga, if you love something too much, it won’t last. Since he wants to make music for a long time, there have been times when he tried to like music a bit less to avoid being overwhelmed by it. Even now, Suga doesn’t listen to music much unless he is working. He began establishing boundaries and distance with music five years ago.

10. To dream or not to dream?

BTS often sings about pursuing a dream, but Suga says it’s okay not to have a grand dream or to have a dream at all. “You don’t have to live your life that way,” he said.

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Source: GQ Korea

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