10 BTS V Facts From His “GQ Korea” Interview

Get to know V a little more.

In a new interview with GQ Korea magazine, BTS‘s answered questions about himself, his music, and more. Here are 10 facts from the interview!

1. Who would he like to go back in time to meet?

If given the chance, V would like to meet the Greek gods, including ZeusPoseidon, and Aphrodite to see what they are really like. How strong is Zeus? Does Aphrodite’s beauty live up to the myths? He wants to know.


2. New MBTI

In October, V retook the MBTI personality test. He found out he is no longer an ENFP but an INFP. When asked how the shift from Extroversion to Introversion affected his work, V said he always needs to give himself the time he needs to create. The stories he writes down in a diary or elsewhere could take months for him to unravel.

3. His work wishlist

V has accomplished much in his 8-year career, but he still has plenty of ideas. For one, he wants to create a nostalgic song that will withstand the test of time and be loved by any music lover, not only BTS fans. An enduring classic!

4. Staying true to “V”

V strives to stay true to his values, and he wants to live in a way that he can be proud of. Whether it’s performing on stage or meeting someone new, V wants to be a confident person of good character who isn’t ashamed of how he lives.

5. “Butter” blues

BTS’s song “Butter” was a challenge for V to record. Since his voice is on the low side, he had to practice a great deal to nail this song, but his hard work paid off. GQ Korea pointed out that V seems to be someone who is internally motivated, and he agreed. He is also motivated by his members’ progress; if they are ahead, he feels compelled to catch up to them quickly.

6. What’s Vante up to?

V has a love for film photography, but is he taking many photos these days? Not so much. Since he isn’t traveling as much, he said he isn’t taking a lot of pictures. When he takes pictures abroad, it’s to capture the unfamiliar scenery he has only, up until that point, seen online.

7. Sunsets or sunrises?

V prefers to watch the sunset over the sunrise. He said he often tells his manager that he wants to see the sun set after he finished work for the day. By doing so, V ends his day on a positive note. According to V, a sunset lasts 19 minutes, and for those 19 minutes, he can count on being happy.

8. An old soul

GQ Korea pointed out that V is interested in “classic” things such as playing the saxophone. V agreed. He feels that he’s a sensitive, sentimental person who is drawn to nostalgic things such as clothes and art. His interest in the old inspires him to make something new.

9. A letter to Yeontan

Unfortunately, V’s dog Yeontan has been struggling with his health since birth, due to having airways that affect his breathing. When asked who V would like to write a message to, he chose Yeontan.

To Tan, who even if it’s hard, is hanging in there and enduring. ‘Thank you very much for being alive. I want to make memories together for the rest of your life. I want to see an adult, Tan.’

— V

10. New Year’s goals

What does V have in mind for 2022? He wants to stay healthy and write good songs for ARMY. He also wants to shoot a music video for fans as well. Of course, he is looking forward to spending many more days with ARMY in the upcoming year.

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Source: GQ Korea

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