Here Are 10+ Of The Best ARMY Reactions To The Song Of The Year “Super Tuna” By BTS’s Jin

Move over, “Baby Shark!”

Rather than expect a gift from us for his birthday, BTS‘s Jin gifted us “Super Tuna,” a beyond iconic trot song about his favorite hobby: fishing.


It’s instantly song of the year! So, here are 10+ ARMY reactions to “Super Tuna.”

1. Best boys!

2. He’s too good for this world

3. Sorry, “Baby Shark.” It’s all about “Super Tuna” now.

4. Seriously, even the kids are over “Baby Shark” since “Super Tuna” dropped.

5. Jin needs to realize he got the Midas touch

6. Range!

7. And that’s on growth!

8. Fishing for tuna > award shows

9. Because Jin

10. Placing bets that the next BTS song to be featured in a Marvel film isย “Super Tuna”

11. We’re living for all of theseย “Super Tuna” dance edits

12. We had no idea he was about to drop the song of the year

13. The choreography should win awards

14. Can we talk about the fanarts it’s inspired?

ARMY is so talented!

15. We can be anything for Jin, including fish

16. Something fishy here…

17. Jin will never live it down. It’s a song for forever

18. It’s a wild time being ARMY

19. Duality king

20. This is too cute!

21. Stranger things have happened