Here Are 20+ Of The Funniest ARMY Reactions To BTS’s Personal Instagram Accounts

It’s a new era!

No, you’re not dreaming. All seven members of BTS finally have their own personal Instagram accounts! And, ARMYs are shook, to say the least.

So, here are 20+ of the funniest ARMY reactions to BTS’s Instagrams…

1. The real reason why BTS created accounts

2. Seriously, it’s just an alternative group chat for them at this point

3. He makes the rules around here as he should

4. All of us right now

5. Break? Hiatus? We don’t know those words

6. Surprised no one used it first, but it’s so hot of him for real

7. As they should!

8. J-Hope is that best friend

9. End of an era

10. We’re here for it too

11. Those Instagram Lives are going to be chaotic, and we can’t wait

12. Jin trying to learn Instagram be like

13. Jungkook is so iconic for this

14. Sorry, not sorry, Guinness

15. We going to be so well-fed

16. Already imagining all of the new content we’re about to get from Golden Closet Films a.k.a Jungkook

17. Wouldn’t be surprised

18. Process of elimination

19. Couldn’t be us

20. Please, BTS, we beg you to save the Instagram Lives!

21. Already, BTS’s humor on Instagram is peak level

22. Will we survive at this point?

23. We never thought it possible, but miracles do happen

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