BTS’s Jin Radiates Big Dad Energy As He Attempts To Navigate Instagram For The First Time

Jin is peak millennial! 😂

BTS‘s Jin is definitely the dad of his friend group!

From left: Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, and V of BTS.

He always makes sure his members are well-fed…

He takes care of not just them, but he’s been a great father to his pets throughout the years…

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This includes his son, RJ! He’s the most supportive dad ever.

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He takes him everywhere he goes…

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Even on stage! He takes “take your kid to work day” seriously.

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Perhaps, the most dad-like thing about Jin is that the man is the king of dad jokes. Or should we say “Jin jokes?”

He’s an expert on puns. We’re convinced this man created comedy!


Even the fact that his favorite hobby is fishing is such a dad thing…

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…not to mention that he literally released a trot song about fishing too.

Now, Jin is truly cementing his “dad status” as he attempts to navigate Instagram for the first time!

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After completing his profile and following all the BTS accounts, his first step was posting a picture of his iconic pigtail look.

All seven members of BTS opened their personal Instagram accounts on December 6. Jin has already accumulated over 13 million followers in less than a day!

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Shortly after uploading his first post, he began to educate himself on the basics of the app. Therefore, he discovered new features, such as how to comment on a post.

Then, he left a comment on J-Hope‘s first post. They both expressed their anxiety over their Insta-induction.

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Jin: jwehope 😥

J-Hope: jjan..I’m so nervous

A couple of hours later, J-Hope had posted again. So, Jin also commented on the new post…

This time, he sought help from the younger member on how exactly this app works. What is this “heart” button, and why would anyone press it?

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Jin: jwehope press the heart for mine

Jin: does it mean ‘I like your writing/post’??

Jin: Jwehope, why do people ‘Like’ things on Instagram though?

If that wasn’t enough dad energy for you, he even advised J-Hope on what kind of photos to post.

Jin: Jwehope, don’t post weird pics.

J-Hope: Jjwan… It’s cute though~🔥

J-Hope’s posts weren’t the only ones that caught Jin’s attention. RM‘s “Lil Meow Meow” post was too cute not to leave both a like and comment…

So, he attempted to explore the “heart” feature.” Still, that wasn’t good enough, so just so everyone knows how much he loves the post, he left a heart emoji in the comment section too!

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Jin: oh RM, I’m pressing the heart

RM: wow! a rare nickname!

RM repaid the favor by leaving a like on Jin’s behind-the-scenes “Super Tuna” post! These two have such a great friendship.

| @jin/Instagram

Jin: tuna!

RM: oh jin I’m pressing the heart

Jin: just give tuna a featuring

Slowly but surely, Jin is getting the hang of this Instagram thing.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of Jin’s punny humor come through with upcoming posts’ captions!

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