Netflix Wants BTS’s Jin Cast In “Squid Game” Just As Much As The Rest Of Us

Petition for Jin in season 2!

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In case you didn’t know, BTS‘s Jin sported some ribboned pigtails at the second PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert in Los Angeles, California.


It was a subtle nod to the iconic Younghee doll in the Korean thriller drama Squid Game. Yeah, the scary one from episode 1 in “Red Light, Green Light” that was ready to shoot everyone on sight.

Younghee (center).

Jin is, of course, a whole lot cuter… Not to mention, the only killing he’s going to do is kill us with handsomeness.

| Weverse

Still, we should consider this Jin’s official audition for season 2 of Squid Game. Should we not?

He even re-enacted “Red Light, Green Light” for the audience in attendance of the concert. He sang “mugunghwa kkochi pieosseumnida” while the members played.

Especially now that Netflix has taken notice, this has to be a casting notice! Netflix’s Philippines account on Twitter tweeted this reference to Jin’s new look, and we’re definitely taking this as official casting news at this point.

He’s got the acting skills, range, looks, etc. You name it; he’s got it! You can’t tell us he wouldn’t be perfect for this show.

Now, this wouldn’t be the first time that Netflix has acknowledged ARMYs’ wish for Jin to be cast in Squid Game season 2. Previously, Netflix Korea‘s Instagram shared British actor Simon Pegg‘s photo alongside both Squid Game merchandise and a life-size cutout of the vocalist. The actor has been very outspoken about wanting Jin to be in the next season.

I don’t have any authority in regards to Squid Game, but I’m just a massive fan [. . .] But apparently, Jin studied acting, and I think he’d be very good, right? So, let’s hope we see him acting at some point.

— Simon Pegg

Jin standee (left) and Simon Pegg (right). | @netflixkr/Instagram

5 Reasons This Photo Is Impressive

1. Simon’s pulling off the tracksuit look like it’s his daily OOTD
2. Wh… why did he pop the doll head off like that?!
3. The way those gonggi pebbles are hanging on for dear life
4. BTS’s Jin is casually in the background saying hi too
5. Simon Pegg himself sent this to us

— Netflix Korea

So, yeah, the moral of the story: Cast Jin in Squid Game season 2. That is all.

We even have many fan edits of him as Squid Game characters, proving he’s perfect for a role. Read more below:

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Source: @Netflix_PH

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