These Fan Arts Will Have You Really Wishing For BTS To Be Cast In “Squid Game” Season 2

Who do you think should join the cast?

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content and violence that may disturb some readers.

Since Netflix released the Korean thriller series Squid Game, ARMYs have found similarities between it and BTS‘s variety show Run BTS!. Actor and certified ARMY Simon Pegg has even picked the member he thinks should be cast in the second season of Squid Game.

Still cuts from “Squid Game” (top) and “Run BTS!” (bottom) | Netflix & Weverse

Now, ARMY, being an exceptionally creative fandom, many fans have imagined what it would be like if their biases starred in Squid Game.

So, here are fan arts imagining each BTS member if they starred Squid Game

1. RM

This ARMY imagined RM as a Squid Game cop.

RM | @itsjkforme/Twitter

This one showed a more vulnerable side for him.

Still, he makes that jumpsuit look good.

| @thatnoonadraws/Twitter

2. Jin

Jin is everyone’s pick to star in the second season.

Jin | @9295dec/Twitter

He not only looks handsome in a green tracksuit…

He has the acting skills that make him more than qualified for a role.

Anyone remember Jin’s zombie film-inspired photoshoot for ARMY.ZIP BTS CINEMA?

We’re hoping this dream becomes a reality.

| @thatnoonadraws/Twitter

We need this yesterday.

3. Suga

Considering Suga’s bravery in the zombie episode of Run BTS!, we think he would also be a great choice.

He’s not just cool, calm, and collected when he needs to be…

He’s also a bad*ss.

4. J-Hope

What can we say? He looks great in green.

J-Hope | @bangtan.official/Facebook & @tiffunny20/Twitter

But this sweetheart doesn’t deserve to be amongst that violence, honestly. Look at his smile!

| @Rocio42063029/Twitter

5. Jimin

Like J-Hope, we think Jimin might be too nice to handle the games.

But if they want to cast him for at least a cameo, we would totally be okay with that.

Jimin | @chimchim_pk_jm/Twitter

Even ARMYs’ fanart of Jimin in Squid Game is adorable.

6. V

V has more than what it takes to make it in the games.

V | @icedvanillattae/Twitter

And since V is already an experienced K-Drama actor, we 100% think he would be a perfect addition to the cast.

| @9295dec/Twitter

7. Jungkook

ARMY have gotten extra creative with their edits of Jungkook in Squid Game. There are not only posters…

Jungkook | @hourlyjenkook/Twitter

There are also several creative digital sketches and paintings that show what he would look like if he were in the series.

8.  OT7

Last but not least…

In all seriousness, any member would be great in Squid Game!

| @prodK0YA/Twitter

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Source: @9295dec and @BTSTO7G

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