Actor Simon Pegg Picks The BTS Member He Would Want To Star In “Squid Game” Season Two With, And We Need It ASAP

Someone call the directors, now!

When it comes to global and well-known BTS stans, one of the most recent additions is British actor Simon Pegg! From listening to “Daechwita,” wishing RM a happy birthday, and revealing his bias, he is definitely a certified ARMY!

The BTS members | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

More recently, Simon Pegg has gained attention for his mutual love of the group and popular Netflix series Squid Game. On September 25, Netflix Korea‘s Instagram account shared a story of Simon Pegg alongside both Squid Game memorabilia and a life-size cutout of BTS’s Jin that he’d sent.

| @netflixkr/Instagram

Yet, it seems as if his love for Jin and the show goes even further than just sharing it in an Instagram photo, and he is now thinking like an ARMY more and more!

On September 27 (KST), Simon Pegg went live and caught the attention for his BTS talk, including his plans to watch the BTS and Coldplay‘s My Universe documentary with his daughter Tilly and how they both want to meet the group!

Simon Pegg at “Star Trek Beyond” premiere | Diana Pearson for Paramount Pictures

During the Instagram Live, a fan who must’ve seen the photo with the cardboard Jin, saying, “You and JIN should be in a Korean drama together!” When he saw this, Simon Pegg seemed just as excited, adding, “Yes!

If this wasn’t enough, he also shared that he would love to see Jin in the second series of Squid Game if it ever happened. After seeing the photo of Jin, wearing a green tracksuit, with Simon Pegg, many wondered whether both men might make an appearance if the directors ever decided to make another series

It isn’t the first time that fans worldwide have praised Jin for his visuals and acting. It seems like everyone is currently waiting for “Actor Jin” and it has even trended on several occasions. It is not surprising considering Jin is a qualified actor after majoring in theater and film.

It seems like Simon Pegg is slowly becoming an ARMY favorite whenever he goes live to talk about the group. Fans first noticed his love for the group when he posted a video of himself listening to “Daechwita” by Agust D (aka Suga).

Since then, fans worldwide have confirmed Simon Pegg’s ARMY status. Hopefully, if the Squid Game directors ever decide to make a second series, both Jin and Simon Pegg are on the top of their list of a potential cast!

You can read more about Simon Pegg’s love of BTS and Squid Game below.

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