Actor Simon Pegg And His Daughter Wish BTS’s RM A Happy Birthday

He has a new bias!

English actor, writer, and producer Simon Pegg has time and time again proved he is a big fan of BTS!

Simon Pegg at “Star Trek Beyond” premiere | Diana Pearson for Paramount Pictures

Simon Pegg is the co-founder of Stolen Picture but perhaps is most well-known for his roles in popular franchises such as Star Trek and Mission Impossible and cult classics like Shaun of the Dead.

Tom Cruise (left) and Simon Pegg (right) doing finger hearts at the red carpet premiere of “Mission Impossible: Fallout” at Lotte World Tower. | Dispatch

He’s also the loving father of daughter Matilda Pegg (also known as Tilly). She introduced him to some of her favorite K-Pop groups, such as BTS and NCT. Now, he’s just as much a fan of K-Pop as anybody!

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Frequently in his Instagram lives, he can be heard interacting with her and talking about their love for BTS especially. In his latest live broadcast, they wished BTS’s leader RM a happy birthday who celebrated on September 12.

Simon Pegg: Is it RM’s birthday?

Matilda Pegg: Yeah.

Simon Pegg: Well, happy birthday, RM! I’m sure he’s probably on.

| @simonpegg/Instagram via dalbitbangtan/Twitter

While he was previously obsessed with Agust D‘s (BTS’s Suga) “Daechwita,” he revealed his current favorite BTS song to be the iconic “Mic Drop” remix by Steve Aoki. We can’t blame him. That song never gets old.

My favorite BTS song is probably the Steve Aoki remix of ‘Mic Drop.’

— Simon Pegg

| @simonpegg/Instagram via dalbitbangtan/Twitter

For those who are unfamiliar, he used to say Jimin was his celebrity crush until Suga successfully wrecked his bias. Since then, he started leaning towards being fully OT7 biased. Now, he says that since it’s RM’s birthday, he might have to say he is his current bias!

Simon Pegg: I’m going to make RM my bias today because it’s his birthday.

Matilda Pegg: Yeah! Happy birthday, RM!

| @simonpegg/Instagram via dalbitbangtan/Twitter

He and his daughter Matilda concluded their conversation by emphasizing their ARMY status, declaring they are ARMY along with a cute finger heart from Matilda in the background. A time doesn’t go by that they don’t profess their love for the group!

| @simonpegg/Instagram via dalbitbangtan/Twitter

Since he’s good friends with Coldplay‘s lead singer Chris Martin, we’re sure that he must also be overjoyed about the group’s collaboration with BTS for “My Universe!” You can read about the collab below:

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Watch a clip from Simon Pegg’s Instagram Live here:

Source: @dalbitbangtan and @simonpegg