Coldplay Confirms BTS Feature On New Single “My Universe”

ColdTan is happening!

There has been a tremendous amount of speculation about the possibility of a BTS collab with British rock band Coldplay, and now, it looks like it is actually true!

Coldplay performing at NBC’s Macy’s Fireworks Spectacular | @coldplay/Twitter

While Coldplay‘s lead singer Chris Martin has dodged questions about whether or not they are collaborating despite his clear love and interest for BTS, there is now evidence that points positively in the direction that the two groups have collaborated.

On April 18, a new Twitter account, called Alien Radio FM, linked to Coldplay appeared. Since then, it occasionally posts updates in an alien language.

The account also tweets or retweets Coldplay news, such as billboard sightings or videos. It’s been clear from day 1 that it was leading up to something exciting.

After Coldplay announced their new studio album Music of the Spheres, scheduled to be released October 15, with a space theme, it was clear that Alien Radio FM was directly related. It’s a creative marketing technique to promote the new album.

Since the signal was found, we have been getting more consistent updates from Alien Radio FM, and the latest has confirmed the “ColdTan” collab. On September 13, the account shared a video of the alien language spelling out, “Coldplay x BTS My Universe.” 

While we don’t know Coldplay’s alien language personally, fans of the band decoded this made-up language a few months ago when spotted during a music video shoot. Based on Coldplay fans’ translations, it appears to be the official announcement for BTS’s feature on Coldplay’s new single “My Universe.”

If that’s not enough for you to believe that the Coldplay x BTS collab is really happening… Shortly after Alien Radio FM’s video, Coldplay’s official account then announced it as well. They shared a photo in the alien language with a caption in English, confirming the collab.

After Coldplay announced it, BTS confirmed it on their end, too, by retweeting Coldplay’s post. The “ColdTan” collab is real!

Korean media reported that Coldplay and BTS’s “My Universe” is sung in both English and Korean. It is written and composed by Coldplay and BTS, produced by Max Martin.

Coldplay and BTS | @coldplayxtra/Twitter

While the album is releasing on October 15, we can hear the new song with BTS, “My Universe,” on September 24. It is available for pre-save and pre-order now.

Check out fans’ reactions to the collab below:

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Recently, Chris Martin was filming for The Kelly Clarkson Show and reportedly sang “My Universe” partially Korean. Read more about fans’ “ColdTan” speculations here:

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Source: Alien Radio FM and @coldplay