ARMYs Believe That BTS And Coldplay Are Releasing A Collaboration—Here’s Why

We hope they’re right!

British rock band Coldplay has announced their new studio album Music of the Spheres, scheduled to be released October 15, and BTS fans believe that we can expect a collaboration between the two bands.

After Coldplay announced their ninth album, ARMYs have trended “Coldplay” on Twitter. Likewise, when you look in the comment section of Coldplay’s latest posts, you’ll see more BTS stan accounts than Coldplay fans.

Recently, rumors were circulating online that BTS would be featuring on a new Coldplay song titled “My Universe.” Big Hit Music responded with a statement, saying, “It’s difficult to confirm.” Now with Coldplay’s new album being released with a tracklist, it seems like there is a strong possibility that there might be truth in this rumor after all.

Fans are pointing out similarities between Coldplay and BTS’s concepts to further back their theory. Coldplay’s album is titled Music of the Spheres and BTS previously released an album titled Map of the Soul: 7. Hence, they have the same acronym. BTS’s album is also based on Carl Jung‘s book of theories. Diagrams for Jung’s “map of the soul” also look similar to Coldplay’s concept art for their album.

Coldplay’s new concept includes the color purple predominantly, which is a color often associated with BTS. The British band is also heavily featuring space and planets in their concept, which again are things that BTS often use in their concepts as well.

Coldplay’s new album’s cover art features an infinity symbol, which BTS also used as the stage design for their 2021 Muster Sowoozoo concert. Recently, leader RM also said, We hope that the logo infinity could be the image of our future.”

Ever since Coldplay gave BTS permission to cover their song “Fix You,” fans have noticed the great relationship they have with each other. After BTS performed “Fix You,” Coldplay shared lots of love for the group online, and lead singer Chris Martin has been an outspoken fan. As a result, everyone has been hoping they would collaborate. Martin has also said that he wouldn’t turn down a collaboration with BTS if the opportunity arose.

I love the fact that they are so huge and sing a lot in Korean. They don’t always have to sing in English. …I love them a lot, and so if the right song came along, I wouldn’t ever say no.

— Chris Martin

Recently, Coldplay traveled to South Korea, causing many to speculate that the two groups were finally working together. While there’s still some possibility, it seems like the trip may have been related to filming music videos for their song “Higher Power,” which South Korean dance group Ambiguous Dance Company is featured in.

Whether there is truly a Coldplay x BTS collab or not, Coldplay definitely has ARMY behind them too!

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