Coldplay’s Chris Martin Shows His Love For BTS’s “Butter”

How could you not love the song?

Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin has shared his love for BTS‘s new track “Butter” on the groups’ social media!

| @coldplay/Instagram

It is no secret that the members of BTS, especially V, have been outspoken about their love for the British group Coldplay. It also seems as if the group has a soft spot for the K-Pop group after letting them perform their track “Fix You” on MTV Unplugged despite rarely letting other music artists cover their songs.

| @MTV/Twitter

Although lead singer Chris Martin has avoided answering any questions about a potential collaboration with the group, he is not hiding his love for the group and their new track “Butter.”

Coldplay recently released their new song “Higher Power,” and to say thank you to their fans for the support, Chris Martin shared some films, books, and songs that he enjoyed and helped him through tough times.

One of those was BTS’s “Butter.”

It seems like everyone is falling in love with BTS’s new track, and Chris Martin joins a list of stars, including Queen, Taylor Swift, and many more who have fallen for the groups’ charms.

Make sure to watch the video for BTS’s “Butter!”


Source: Coldplay and FI