10+ Excited Fan Reactions To Official News Of BTS And Coldplay’s Collab “My Universe”

Our universe has turned upside down!

BTS and Coldplay have officially announced that their collaboration single “My Universe” is indeed happening, and it’s soon on its way.

Their fandoms are, like their favorite groups, uniting. Here are 10+ excited reactions to news of the “ColdTan” collab…

1. V is a successful fanboy

| @sceneryfortae/Twitter

2. All of BTS’s dreams are coming true

3. We might get a live performance of “My Universe.”

4. No two groups are a better understanding of each other

5. Jin better be hooking us up with some photo cards of our Coldplay bias

6. They’re going to make history with this song

7. From the little sneak peek released by Coldplay, it’s already a bop

8. This group photo is fire

9. Coldplay and BTS fans = luckiest fans in the world

10. These groups are making a difference with their music

11. They also prove that music is a universal language

12. All of our universes will be turned upside down

13. Farewell, pink layouts

Source: Twitter