10+ Moments From BTS RM’s 27th Birthday Live Broadcast That You Need To See

He celebrated with ARMY!

BTS‘s RM personally celebrated his 27th birthday on September 12. A day later, he celebrated with ARMY through a live broadcast.


Here are 10+ moments from RM’s birthday live that you need to see…

1. When he low-key slipped a spoiler

2. Jin’s gift to him

3. When he was too relatable

4. When he balanced his cake on an armrest of a chair

5. When RM vibed a little too hard

6. When he talked about his songwriting process

7. His laugh

8. RM’s beautiful cake

9. Despite it being his birthday, he made wishes for ARMY

10. Simply, RM being the cutest

11. When he opened up about fighting depression

Source: BTS