BTS’s Jin Fulfilled His Promise For RM’s Birthday Gift, And His Reaction Was Adorable


September 12 marked a very special day in the calendar for K-Pop fans because it was the birthday of BTS leader RM! Although he didn’t go live on his actual birthday, proving he is a kind and considerate person, he started a live broadcast on September 13 for fans.

BTS’s RM during his birthday broadcast | BTS/ VLIVE

During the broadcast, RM spoke about his new hair color, had the cutest reaction to his candles blowing out, and much more. At one point, RM seemed extremely excited about showing ARMYs something and that they would be surprised!

If RM isn’t cute enough, as soon as he returned to the room, ARMYs couldn’t help but smile, seeing BTS’s leader ride into the camera shot on a bicycle in a tiny room.


RM explained that Jin had bought the bicycle for him and explained how touched he was about it especially considering he thought it was a joke at first. In particular, ARMYs know that RM can’t drive, and this gift is perfect for getting around in.

Jin hyung bought me a bicycle. I’m really touched because Jin hyung bought it for me two weeks ago and he brought it to me after assembling it.

— BTS’s RM


After RM said that, a fan asked Jin about it on Weverse. Although RM seemed very excited about the idea of Jin assembling the bike himself, BTS’s oldest member clarified that it wasn’t the case, adding, “No, I didn’t assemble the bike, I just put a basket in front of it, Namjoon-ah.”

| Weverse

Yet, it doesn’t take away from the sentiment of the gift. RM pointed out that when Jin bought the bike, he tried to make it as similar as possible to a ddareungi, the bike-sharing system used in Seoul! After discovering it, RM added that he was so touched by the thought Jin had put into it. 

It wasn’t just a random thought about the ddareungi because RM posted pictures of riding one on his birthday!

BTS’s RM on a ddareungi | Weverse

Yet, if the thought wasn’t cute enough, ARMYs quickly remembered something that made this gesture even cuter. In August, 200 lucky ARMYs had the chance to speak to BTS over a Zoom call and, during the video, Jin promised he would buy RM a bike for his birthday, and he actually stuck to his promise!

After showing off his new bike to fans, RM genuinely seemed touched by what Jin had bought him, adding, “It’s a gift from Jin hyung. I’m gonna ride it for the rest of my life.


The reaction RM had after getting the bike proves how grateful he is to his hyung and the small things that the members do. It also shows just how close the group is as the members know each other so well, and it is perfectly reflected in the gift Jin gave RM!

You can read more about what happened in the broadcast below!

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Source: VLIVE