BTS’s RM Treated Himself To Some Cake For His Birthday, But It Didn’t Turn Out Exactly How He Planned

Idols and cakes don’t seem to mix!

When it comes to birthdays, one of the critical parts of the day is having cake! No matter how old you are, they are a key part of the day and make it all the more fun. Yet, K-Pop idols do not seem to have the best past with cakes, and it seems as if BTS‘s RM might have had a similar problem!

BTS Jimin’s birthday post for RM | @bts_twt/ Twitter

September 12 officially marked RM’s birthday but, rather than broadcast on Sunday, he held a special VLIVE the day after to celebrate his special day with fans. During the broadcast, RM spoke about everything from his special gift from Jin, fighting depression, and a lot more!


Of course, like all of the members, RM had a special cake for the occasion with the words, “I believe in your galaxy, RM,” written on the top.

With the candles lit, RM’s face couldn’t be more excited for the cake, and it was definitely infectious as his huge smile filled up the screen.


To start, many ARMYs were also worried about the history of idols and cakes. In particular, RM seemed to be balancing his treat on the chair armrest in a way that didn’t look secure and had the potential to fall at any minute.

Yet, with RM being as talented as he is, fans didn’t have to worry about that. As the song started to play, “Happy Birthday,” RM found himself getting into the music and spinning around in his chair.


Unfortunately, cakes have the tendency to be unpredictable, and RM found that out! As RM continued spinning and made the full 360-degree rotation, it took a few seconds for reality to hit him: the candles had been blown out due to the momentum of his spin!

If this wasn’t sad enough, the look on RM’s face was enough to break any ARMy watching the broadcast as the realization of the situation finally hit him.


Yet, as the song ended, RM’s face seemed to go back into the bright smile as he realized that he could still make his wish for ARMYs to always have good health, proving how good a leader he is!


You can read more about what else happened in the live broadcast below!

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