BTS Love Animals So Much That It Breaks Their Hearts When They Get Old

It’s hard watching those you love grow older!

BTS‘s reality show BTS In the SOOP 2 returned last week. Tonight, the second episode aired with lots more appearances from everyone’s new favorite star, Jungkook‘s dog Bam (also known as Bahm)!

Jungkook (left) and Bam (right) | Weverse

While the group was eating dinner, Jungkook returned from feeding Bam his dinner but brought his son along with him. The members teased him about it, but they were clearly happy to have the guest there too!

J-Hope: Bam seems bigger than other dogs of his kind.

Jimin: Doesn’t “Jeon Bam” sound so funny?

| Weverse

Seeing Bam running around made the members think of their own pet dogs at home. All true animal-lovers, they got emotional thinking about them.

Pet dogs and cats, or all things have a stage when they’re so adorable, but it’s heartbreaking to watch them get old.

— J-Hope

Mickey (left) and J-Hope (right) | Weverse

Jin, always one with the ability to help lighten the mood, teased J-Hope that he must be at his prime now because he’s cuter than ever! We can’t disagree…

Jin: All right, Pet Hope! You’re at your prime now.

J-Hope: I’m at my peak.

Jin: You’re the cutest now.

| Weverse

V asked about J-Hope’s pet dog, Mickey. That’s when things got more emotional for all of the pet owners.

J-Hope: Mickey can’t even see now.

Jin: Mickey is so chubby!

Jungkook: Gureum can’t see either.

J-Hope: It hurts my heart every time I see him.

Jin: Jjangu couldn’t see for 2 years too.

| Weverse

J-Hope was reminded of how difficult it was when Jin’s dog Jjangu passed away in 2017. While we all have good memories of the “MIC Drop” era, for them, it might be associated with a tragedy.

I remember it exactly. At the ‘MIC Drop’ recording… You cried so much.

— J-Hope

| Weverse

The members remembered that day Jin found out. BTS were performing on MBC M‘s Show Champion, and Jin couldn’t stop crying after hearing the news.

Jin was crying so much, so we promised we’d finish it in one go. We shot the performance even without a rehearsal.

— J-Hope

BTS performing “MIC Drop” on “Show Champion.” | MBC M 

The group reflected on the difficult time but commended Jin for his perseverance through the heartbreaking situation. After thinking about his own dog, Jin then went to play with his nephew Bam.

| Weverse

Losing pets is always a hard thing to go through as they become like family to us. So, we can certainly empathize with BTS.

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