Here Are 10+ Moments From “BTS In The SOOP 2” Episode 2 That Everyone Should Get To See

#7 gets funnier every time we watch it!

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Last week, our favorite healing show finally made its return! Season 2 of the BTS version of In the SOOP has now aired its second episode. Despite being paid content, we have compiled some of the best moments from episode 2 so that no one is left out!

“BTS In the SOOP 2” poster | HYBE LABELS

So, here are 10+ of the best moments in no particular moment that we believe everyone needs to see…

1. VHope’s pool party!

2. Jin’s expressive gaming

3. Spontaneous collaboration

4. RM’s punny response to Jungkook

5. Like father like son

6. When “Tinkerbell” made a guest appearance

7. BTS’s comedic timing is unlike anything else

8. Jungkook teasing Bam

9. He’s a runner, he’s a track star

10. Lots of workout sessions

11. Jin proving he’s an amazing athlete

12. The basketball players

13. The source of this handsome selfie

14. Bam is loyal AF

15. Relaxation with Jin

16. Karaoke with BTS

17. RM’s favorite hobby

18. Guitarist Suga

19. TaeKook’s ATV ride

20. Bam as filmed by Golden Closet Films

21. This heartfelt conversation about their pets

Check out moments from the previous episode below:

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Source: Weverse