Here Are 10+ ARMY Reactions To News Of BTS’s Anthology Album “Proof” That Are Too Real

Can we get a world tour with their old songs?

After previously announcing their comeback date, BTS has now dropped a logo trailer video for their new album, PROOF. The 15-second video revealed the phrase, “We are bulletproof,” along with the release date, June 10.

According to Weverse, this anthology album will embody the history of BTS as a music group that has been active for nine years. So, it will reflect on the group’s “past, present, and future.”

The anthology album, ‘Proof’, that consists of three CDs includes many different tracks- including three all-new tracks- that reflects the thoughts and ideas of the members on the past, present, and future of BTS.

⁠— Weverse

Naturally, ARMYs are very excited about the news. So, here are 10+ of the most relatable reactions…

1. This exact representation

2. They ain’t ready.

3. No more excuses!

4. Manifesting this world tour including old discography

5. This ARMY might be onto something, though.

6. This is so beautiful.

7. It makes a statement!

8. Hear us out, BIGHIT.

9. Remake of classic concept photos would be iconic.

10. ARMYs’ theories are legit.

11. Emo hours

12. Let the locals know what’s up.

13. When your discography is so sexy, a greatest hits album is literally all of it…

14. Please, BIGHIT, we’re begging.

15. Objection hearsay!

16. In conclusion, BTS legends.


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