BTS Have The Best Reaction To ARMYs’ Watching The Comeback Announcement During “PERMISSION TO DANCE – LAS VEGAS”

The recent clip has gone viral on social media!

During the past few weeks, BTS took Las Vegas by storm while they were performing their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert. The group created so many unforgettable memories for ARMYs worldwide throughout the four shows. 

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

Whether it was Jungkook answering a fan’s request to show his abs or V giving an ARMY his ARMY Bomb lightstick, it was truly an unforgettable experience.

| @joontro94/ Twitter

Alongside the amazing moments during the show, one stuck out, and it was the surprise BTS gave ARMYs on their final show. When the concert had ended, a video appeared on the screen. It definitely had ARMYs on the edge of their seats.

A video teaser was shown, which first highlighted BTS’s previous works and then, with the words “WE ARE BULLETPROOF” read in the members’ voices, it ended with the date “2022.06.10” shown.

Of course, ARMYs had some of the best reactions possible, whether they were lucky enough to see it live, were watching at home through the live broadcast, or just saw it through social media.

In particular, many ARMYs thought it was even more meaningful as the BTS members would’ve heard the reactions… and many wanted to know how they felt.

Luckily, the mystery is over and there is proof that ARMYs weren’t the only ones excited. Although it has been a few days since the announcement, a new clip has gone viral on social media, and for all the right reasons.

A user shared a video from TikTok that had been taken while the announcement was being made.

Although it was blurry, it seemed to showcase some of the members’ reactions to ARMYs. It isn’t clear who the members are, but the user pointed out that due to the outfits, they assumed it was J-Hope and Jungkook. In the clip, they could be seen jumping around excitedly.

One user even shared a cropped version of the OG video to really show the reactions, and it was even cuter up close.

Another user on social media posted another reaction from the members, and this time it seemed to be Jin because of the white pants. Similar to the other video, Jin seemed so excited to see ARMYs’ reactions to the news.

| @vhopelove7/ Twitter  

When the clip was shared on Twitter, netizens couldn’t get over how adorable the members were. The announcement must’ve been something the group had been anticipating, and it isn’t surprising how relieved and excited they were for ARMYs to finally see the teaser.

With less than two months until the group’s next release, it seems like that day can’t come quickly enough. BTS has always had a special relationship with ARMYs, and their excitement at seeing fans’ reactions to their news shows how much they care.

You can read more about ARMYs’ reactions to the news online below.

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