10+ Of The Best ARMY Reactions To BTS’s R&B Remix Of “Permission To Dance”

The remix hits different.

To express their gratitude to ARMY after their success on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, BTS has released an R&B remix of their new song “Permission to Dance.” And, ARMYs are loving it just as much as the original (some maybe even more).

Here are 10+ of the best ARMY reactions to BTS’s R&B remix of “Permission to Dance:”

1. An alternative title

2. Those vocals are no joke

3. If we ever get a live performance of it…

4. One song’s duality

5. These remixes sit at the same table

6. Everything hits different in the R&B remix

7. Who else thought there was going to be a music video? 😳✋

8. Visualisation of how it feels to listen to the R&B remix

9. We don’t need no man, we already have seven

10. All of us just vibing

11. Goals

12. Our aesthetic now

Perhaps, the R&B remix is what BTS has mysteriously been teasing the past few days. Might there be another remix soon? Listen to the R&B remix of “Permission to Dance” below:

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