Here’s 30+ ARMY Reactions To BTS’s Zoom Fanmeeting To Live Vicariously Through

One Zoom meeting we wouldn’t mind attending.

BTS held their first fanmeeting of the year through Zoom. There were four different time slots, lasting 30 minutes each. Only 50 ARMYs were allowed per time slot, so a total of 200 lucky ARMYs from the official fan club were selected.

For those not part of the selected few, we have compiled some of the best tweet reactions from ARMYs. Here are 30+ ARMY Reactions To BTS’s Zoom fanmeeting to live vicariously through…

1. Truly the luckiest fandom

2. Jin’s polite greetings

3. V’s promise

4. RM sending love

5. Jimin just being himself

6. When BTS wanted to see ARMYs…

7. Just Jungkook being the maknae

8. RM’s now engaged!

9. Pink-haired Suga

10. Jimin’s tattoo

11. Jungkook being backing vocals for Jin

12. When BTS sang Rihanna’s “Umbrella”

13. These heartthrobs

14. Tata Mic

15. Still no say on “Paradise”

16. We don’t need permission to dance

17. Jimin is an angel confirmed

18. V sipping his drink

19. Jungkook revealed a new nickname

20. Jungkook’s unusual habit

21. Epiphany’s anniversary celebration

22. We might be getting a SOPE live soon

23. So good to have OT7 fanmeeting

24. When BTS gave SO to ARMYs

25. Suga’s love for ARMY

26. No, THANK YOU, RM!

27. This clever background

28. Does it ever drive you crazy how fast the night changes?

29. Jimin’s laugh

30. When Jungkook didn’t want to go…

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