ARMYs Feel Incredibly Weak In The Knees Because Of BTS’s V’s Adorable Smile — Here Are 15 Receipts, Your Honor

If #7 didn’t make you cry in happiness, you’re lying.

One of BTS‘s V‘s signature habits is his boxy smile that never fails to brighten the lives of ARMYs worldwide.


It’s extremely cute as it really emphasizes the child-like innocence of V, so looking at it just makes the hearts of fans flutter — that’s how effective V’s boxy smile is.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Here are 15 receipts posted by ARMYs themselves so you can judge for yourself, your honor!

1. It’s one of life’s most precious things

2. A proud V is always a blessing to the fans

3. This is even better when you realize that he ordered for the whole crew

4. If you looked up “adorable” in the dictionary, this is the picture right next to it

5. He’s such a proud father, part one

6. He’s such a proud father, part two

7. BTS’s interactions with their family always tug the heartstrings of ARMYs

8. It hits different when it’s a boxy kind of smile, you know?

9. Protect this smile at all costs

10. V is 100% a blessing

11. ARMYs stan kings supporting kings

12. You can really see how close these soul mates are

13. He’s the hyung in his family, after all

14. Sweet things are made of this

15. Bookmark this so that whenever you feel sad, look at this list and you can instantly feel better

Do you know what’s another thing that ARMYs love about V? It’s his fantastic sense of humor, of course! V’s sense of humor is extremely funny, that’s why when he accidentally spilled juice over Jungkook, he did this instead:

Here’s What BTS’s V Did To Jungkook After Accidentally Spilling Juice Over Him, Instead Of Apologizing