ARMYs Imagine BTS Members As Fathers With These 7 Adorable Dad GIFs

They would all make fantastic fathers!

ARMYs can only imagine what kinds of fathers BTS members would become in their futures, with their drastically different personalities. Just for fun though, they’ve thrown together these GIFs to most closely represent the relationships they’re likely to have with their kids – if they ever have any. Fans found the list to be particularly on point and are commenting that they could’ve easily guessed which GIF represented which member. Can you guess which is who?


1. The Sweet Dad

ARMYs believe Jin would be the sweetest dad on the planet – with his ever-so-caring and considerate nature. He would be the type of dad who makes princess dresses for his daughter and dance up a storm at their mini-ball in the living room!


2. The Sleepy Dad

And Suga would be the most relaxed, easy-going dad. He and his child will most likely appreciate quiet nap times on the couch.


3. The Fun Dad

ARMYs have faith that J-Hope would make the funnest dad ever for any child to have! He is likely to hold random mid-day dance offs, followed by tons of other exciting activities that boast his – and his child’s – positive and energetic vibe!


4. The Messy Dad

RM, according to ARMYs, is going to be that messy dad. Like the icon of destruction he is, RM will probably end up breaking all his child’s toys. He won’t have any idea as to what he’s doing – but he’ll try to keep calm and carry on, like he always does.


5. The Loving Dad

And ARMYs have no doubt that Jimin is the perfect loving-father material, with his kindness and sensitivity. He will most likely be one loving and caring father who will always be ready to do anything for his precious kid!


6. The Silly Dad

V, on the other hand, is going to be that silly dad – who always makes his child giggle and brighten up. And knowing V’s personality, ARMYs believe he will never judge his children for being themselves – and they will only grow up to be as brilliant as V himself!


7. The Active Dad

And need we discuss Jungkook? He’s going to be that dad who is always on the go with his children in the backseat. Hiking? Swimming? Playing sports? Skating? Chasing bugs? No problem. Jungkook is definitely going to be the outdoorsy dad!