RM Still Can’t Live Down His “God Of Destruction” Reputation

RM lived up to his nickname yet again.

Runch Randa, Largo, The Nexist, Stealo, Rap Monster…RM has had plenty of name changes, but there’s one moniker he can’t shake: “God of Destruction”.


Back in their early years, BTS shared stories about RM’s uncanny ability to break everything he touches.


The “God of Destruction” has broken everything from sunglasses to stage sets…


…and his members often fall victim to his ‘wrath’.


It’s been six years, and RM’s hands are still as dangerous as ever. In the latest episode of Run BTS!, he earned his reputation all over again! First, he stressed Jungkook out by failing to understand a blow pen…


…then, in his panic, RM annihilated this easel!


Once again, Jungkook came to the rescue! RM’s teammates blamed him for wasting time, but it’s not his fault…


It’s his curse!