20 Times BTS’s RM Lived Up To His “God Of Destruction” Nickname

He’d make Wreck-It Ralph jealous!

BTS‘s RM is a sweet fluffball who also just happens to have some major destruction powers that would even make Wreck-It Ralph jealous! His members are always telling stories of his destroying abilities and have expressed their concern for him and themselves due to them. But RM isn’t just breaking things behind the scenes, he’s also been caught numerous times on camera. We bring to you the real “God of Destruction!”


1. Remember when he made the phone fall while shooting for their “Wings” album?

Who knew it was possible to break a phone booth!


2. …More than once!

Then again, chains are also notoriously hard to break…


3. Of course, there was also the time when he wasn’t only supposed to remove a small clip and ended up dismantling it instead.

When you’re only supposed to remove a small portion of the object but end up taking the whole top off!


3. Not even the most innocent games are safe from his hands

Well, his members did see it coming before it actually happened so at least there was that.


4. And then there was the time he was just so excited to win the Daesang at the Golden Disk Awards

The sudden chair flip astonished MONSTA X‘s Shownu.


5. And even the tables weren’t safe!

And it was lucky that someone else was paying attention to that poor table!


6. Every open drink should be kept out of his reach

Okay, but the drink was a little far away so if it was us, we would have probably flipped it too.


7. Seriously, keep them out of his grasp!

But why are his reactions to his string of wreckage so cute?


8. Precious gifts from fans aren’t even safe

At least he tried his best to put it back together in the end!


9. Nor is the floor is safe from his powers

“Blood Sweat & Tears” might have taken on a whole different meaning if someone had gotten hurt!


10. And sadly that wasn’t the only time that’s happened!

We’re just wondering how he’s able to put his foot through the floor like that.


11. When he ripped Jungkook’s shirt during “Fake Love”…

Just admit it, we were all in love with his reign of terror when he did this!


12. Wasn’t the first time he’s destroyed a piece of clothing!

Jimin might have torn his shirt pretty badly but it doesn’t compare to RM’s version at MAMA 2014. Then the rest of the time he tried to keep the tatters on his body!


13. Then again he doesn’t even have to be holding the object to almost cause a catastrophe…

Luckily V has some pretty quick reflexes!


14. But when he does, you know it’s not going to end well!

Yep, definitely not going to end well!


15. It doesn’t really matter what it is…

Not even the edge of the stage is safe!


16. His hands just don’t know their own strength…

Who could forget his most famous breakage?


17.  And he ends up doing something like this

They had heard of his destructive powers, but they were going to experience them first hand on Weekly Idol.


18. It doesn’t even matter if you can see it coming, it’s still going to happen

So you might have expected RM to break the toy, but it didn’t mean you weren’t a little surprised when it actually happened!


20. But you know what they say about lemons!

At least Puma heard his nickname and decided to put it to good use in their ad campaign!