ARMYs Are Totally Whipped For BTS’s J-Hope’s Beautiful Bare Face — Here Are 10+ Receipts, Your Honor

Can you try reading #10 in J-Hope’s aegyo voice?

You know that a K-Pop idol has truly beautiful visuals when they look amazing with or without makeup on. This is simple truth.

Consider the case of BTS‘s J-Hope, for example.

Whenever J-Hope has makeup on and he’s performing on stage, he looks like a dangerously gorgeous celebrity who’s not afraid to set the stage on fire with his rapping and dancing skills.

But when he doesn’t have any makeup on, J-Hope still looks beautiful, as you can see from his selfies…

…BTS’s multiple reality programs…


…and even when he’s filming at the comforts of his own room.

Don’t just take this valuable information at face value, though: here are 10+ receipts that ARMYs are in love with J-Hope’s bare face visuals.

1. No one has the right to convince ARMYs otherwise

2. This is what flawless really looks like

3. Can you imagine this without losing your breath?

4. Truly iconic

5. He’s definitely an ethereal being

6. A J-Hope stan’s reason for living

7. And don’t you ever forget it

8. Perfect boyfriend visuals

9. Let’s raise our hands and thank the heavens for this blessing

10. “My hearteu… Oh, my hearteu, I can’t-“

11. Eye-candy in the morning

12. Tell him he’s pretty: he likes it

13. You know it’s a good morning when bare face Hoseok is glowing

Do you know what’s better than a bare-face J-Hope? It’s bare-face J-Hope also baring his feelings for everyone to see, of course.

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