ARMYs Trend “Vmin” On Twitter After The Duo Drop Adorable 4AM Bed Selfie

Everyone was blessed with this image.

At approximately 4:00am KST on June 3, BTS‘s Jimin and V blessed ARMYs with a selfie of them cuddled together in bed. Of course, with BTS fans being as they are, they used the opportunity to trend “Vmin” on Twitter, and the posts are quite wholesome and precious, just like the photo itself!

A fan also asked the boys to recommend a song for them to fall asleep to, and Jimin recommended “Nothing” by Bruno Major. This timing also reminded fans that V wrote the song “4 O’Clock” with inspiration from Jimin! How sweet can this get?

Here are how some fans are reacting to the occasion!

1. Actual live footage of the cuddling

2. The selfies these two have had!

3. This is precious

4. They really are quite a pair!

5. Accurate

6. Also accurate

7. It does seem to be a common trend!

8. The perfect background music!

9. Everyone could use a cuddle buddy like this

10. Look how much they’ve grown!

11. A whole mood

12. Can you believe it’s been 7 years?