Here Are 10+ Times ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Proved He Can Pull Off Any Hairstyle

It’s impossible for him to look bad.

ASTRO‘s Eunwoo is often recognized for his amazing talent! From singing, dancing, sports, and more, Eunwoo is basically perfect! One huge factor he’s known for is his unrealistically gorgeous visuals! Eunwoo is so handsome, that no matter what he wears, he always looks stunning!

Here are 10+ times Eunwoo proved he can pull off any hairstyle!

1. These pre-debut modeling pictures of Eunwoo caught everyone’s attention

Eunwoo modeled for the cosmetics brand Shara Shara from 2014 to 2015 and it looks like he’s always been gorgeous. Of course, these hairstyles are all wigs, but he still looks great.

2. Eunwoo with long hair?

While modeling for the brand, Eunwoo also rocked this long light brown hairstyle! This really shows how unbelievably handsome he is.

3. We all fell for Eunwoo and this pink wig

This makeup brand was probably stunned by Eunwoo’s visuals. When these photos of Eunwoo were discovered, it was super unfamiliar to fans as Eunwoo had only kept his hair dark at the beginning of his debut.

4. This was probably the most shocking hair changes Eunwoo has ever made

Eunwoo proved he can still look handsome with a super short cut!

| @offclastro/Twitter
| @eunwo.o_c/Instagram

5. Eunwoo’s Wavy hair made all our hearts skip a beat

It may not be as crazy of a hairstyle as those wigs he had on but this wavy hair is definitely gorgeous.

6. Only Eunwoo could make this hairstyle look good

Eunwoo posed for GQ Korea with this unique hairdo. This shaggy and choppy hairstyle is probably one many idols do not request but Eunwoo clearly pulls it off!

7. Blue-Gray was a surprise to all of us!

Eunwoo’s blue-gray hair was an unexpected surprise as he dyed it in the middle of his K-Drama My ID is Gangnam Beauty. 

8. Eunwoo strikes again with the pretty blue-gray hair color!

Earlier this year, Eunwoo dyed his hair to a blue-gray color similar to his 2018 My ID is Gangnam Beauty character. Fans couldn’t help but see the resemblance and feel nostalgic!

| @eunwo.o_c/Instagram

9. A noteworthy transformation in Eunwoo’s career

This light brown color was the first time Eunwoo had ever lighten his hair since his debut!

| @moon_ko_ng/Instagram

10. Love Eunwoo with this Undercut

The undercut is a beloved hairstyle among several K-Pop idols and Eunwoo took part in the trend at one point. Of course, the undercut looks great on Eunwoo.

11. 2021 was a year full of hair changes for Eunwoo

Eunwoo blessed all of us with this lovely blonde hair and it was definitely a crowd favorite!

12. Award-winning look

Eunwoo is easily able to change from his playful look to a serious and mature style!

13. Nope, it’s not a wig this time!

Unlike his pink wig from his pre-debut modeling photos, Eunwoo actually dyed his hair a cotton candy pink!


14. Yeah, he still looks adorable

What a cutie! Eunwoo took everyone’s breath away with this wig!

15. Messy hair, don’t care

Eunwoo’s visuals are so charming that he makes messy hair look good!

| @eunwoothink/Twitter



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