ASTRO Cha Eunwoo’s “W Cam Date” With W Korea Proves He’s Absolute Boyfriend Material

I don’t know if your heart can take this much cuteness.

ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo is perfect in many ways and in his latest interview with W Korea, he showed off how he’s also perfect boyfriend material! In his interview video, Eunwoo took his viewers on a cute date! From cooking ramen to picking out an outfit, Eunwoo totally proved he’s 100% boyfriend material!

1. Oh nothing, just Eunwoo opening doors for you

Imagine walking up to an opening door and seeing Eunwoo on the other side of it welcoming you to come inside!

2. The ramen is almost as hot as he is

You’ll never be hungry when you’re with Eunwoo! He’s always asking you, “Are you hungry?” Just look how much this moment of Eunwoo making ramen screams boyfriend material!

3. Expect the unexpected

Eunwoo is always up for anything and has the most fun and unexpected dates planned! Look how adorable he is randomly sliding down this hill!

4. Time to hit the pool!

There are no words to describe his beauty floating in this pool.

5. He can’t take his eyes off of you!

Of course, Eunwoo is a very attentive guy and is always looking back to check on you! How sweet!

6. How fun would it be to help Eunwoo pick an outfit for a fun date?!

Eunwoo would definitely value your opinions in everything, including your fashion taste! Of course, Eunwoo looks great in everything so it wouldn’t be a surprise if you were vexed on what to pick out for him.

7. Nap time!

After a date filled with cooking, hill sliding, and swimming, it only makes sense to take a break with a cozy nap.

Check out Eunwoo’s “W Cam Date” interview below: