Here Are 5 Songs Recommended By ASTRO’s JinJin To Get You In The Mood For Spring

These songs will definitely get you into the spirit of spring!

In ASTRO‘s JinJin and PENTAGON‘s Kino‘s latest episode of UNBOXING, the two created a playlist to help listeners get into the spring mood! JinJin shared his playlist of spring songs first and they definitely give off the warm and sunny vibes!

Here are the 5 songs recommended by ASTRO’s JinJin to get you in the mood for spring!

1. “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” — IU & HIGH4

I don’t listen to a song repeatedly, but I listened to this song throughout spring. I inserted it in between songs. I kept listening to it. I love the beginning…It just feels like spring from here. It was one of my favorite spring songs.

— JinJin

2. “Spring Fever” — MAMAMOO

There is a layer of spring on top of MAMAMOO’s unique voices. Yes, they meshed well together in the song. So ‘Spring Fever’ has that mood. It’s usually autumn fever but the lyrics are about looking at a happy couple and having spring fever alone.

— JinJin

3. “Spring Day” — BTS

You know how BTS’s songs are usually very powerful and strong? So when they released ‘Spring Day,’ it came to me as a shock. I was like. ‘Oh, they sing this kind of song too.’ And they slayed it. And with the choreography and everything, they looked awesome. It stuck in my memory. So when I thought of spring, it just came across my mind. So, I picked this song.

— JinJin

4. “Spring Rain” — Jang Beom June

Actually, this is also one of the songs recommended by Moobin…There was a time when he was really into this song and since we are roommates, he kept listening to this song. Although I heard it from a distance, the melody lingered in my ears.

— JinJin

5. “Spring Love” — Eric Nam & Red Velvet’s Wendy

It instantly positioned itself as the song of the season when it came out, I think…I don’t really know him personally but it’s a song from Mr. Eric Nam…He’s got a really good voice. So, I’ve been listening to it.

— JinJin

Check out the JinJin and Kino’s Unboxing episode below!