K-Entertainment Insiders Remember ASTRO’s Moonbin With Heartwarming Stories of Meeting Him IRL

They could not stop praising him.

Heartbreaking news of the passing of ASTRO‘s Moonbin was announced last April 19. Fans and fellow celebrities have since come forward to pay their respects to him through memorials and messages online.

ASTRO’s Moonbin | @moon_ko_ng/Instagram

K-Entertainment insiders ranging from broadcasting company staff to music video employees and other netizens have also begun sharing their past experiences with Moonbin, emphasizing his kind personality.

Read more about them out below.

1. Sharing It Too Late But Thank You, Moonbin,

Date Posted: April 21

First up, a broadcasting company staff member recounted the time Moonbin noticed them being scolded by their boss and stepped in to help. He did so despite not having anything to gain from the interaction.

When I used to work as a backstage staff at a broadcasting company, I got into trouble with one of the directors. Moonbin knew his way around the studio but still told the director that he was lost and asked him for directions. He did that so he could stop the director from yelling at me. And I appreciated that a lot. Since then, I realized that I wasn’t on the right career path. So I quit. Now, I’m studying for a dream that I’ve been pursuing. I’m going to make it all happen.

— Broadcasting Company Staff Member

| @moon_ko_ng/Instagram

2. This Isn’t Much, But It Left Such A Good Impression On Moonbin.

Date Posted: April 21

A resident of a location that was being used as a shooting site noticed that Moonbin was the only person on set who displayed good manners. While the staff members did not appear apologetic for being in the way of the tenants, the K-Pop idol was clearly so.

I don’t remember what the program was exactly but a team was shooting in front of the building where I was staying. I had no idea they were shooting something. When I tried to leave the building, one of the staff members came and stopped me. I was told that I could only walk past the site when the shoot went on break. I wasn’t in a rush, so I waited. When I was allowed to go, I had to walk through the scene. And so I had to walk right in front of Moonbin. That’s when he apologized to me and wished me a safe trip home. None of the staff on site had been apologizing, so it made me feel a certain way to hear him apologize on their behalf.

— Resident

He added that Moonbin had a pleasant smile that made “such an impression” on him.

So I also wished him good luck on the shoot. That’s it. It’s a small memory I have of him…I can still picture the smile on his face. The same smile that we all know. It made such an impression on me. Anyway…this is breaking my heart, more so because he and I were the same age.

— Resident

| @moon_ko_ng/Instagram

3. Seeing All The Moonbin Stories Reminded Me

Date Posted: April 22

Another example of Moonbin’s politeness was shared by someone who remembered when he made a small gesture that said, “Thank you” for giving way to the people in the elevator he was in.

It’s nothing special, but it made me see him in a different way. It was when he used to host Show Champion. Moonbin, Sanha, and their staff members were packed in an elevator. I was waiting for it to come. And they stopped on my floor. I could’ve squeezed myself in. But I didn’t feel like forcing myself in, so I let them go. That’s when Moonbin made a gesture at me from inside the elevator. It could’ve been that he was being polite. But I felt like he was thanking me for yielding. I really liked that. I always got good vibes from him, but this encounter made me like him a lot more. Sharing this made me miss him even more.

— Show Champion Attendee

4. I Think I’m Late To This, But Can I Share My Experience With Moonbin?

Date Posted: April 22

A news reporter who worked with ASTRO since their debut in 2016 remembered them as hardworking artists who tried to squeeze in as many interviews as possible.

I used to be a reporter, and I interviewed ASTRO when they were rookies who had just debuted. I still remember every detail from that day. We were scheduled for a 4PM interview, but they hadn’t shown up. A senior photographer who was with me got so mad that the interviewees were running late. After taking it out on me, the sunbae left. I tried reaching out to the agency representative, but I couldn’t really get an explanation. They kept saying they were on their way…

Turned out that their previous schedule ran way past the scheduled time because they wanted to squeeze in an interview, too. Eventually, I was able to interview them at 6PM. All the other reporters were taking off for the day when I was just getting started. And, to be honest, at that point, the outlet wanted to call it off. But I couldn’t. How could I? It simply didn’t make sense to me to cancel like that.

— Reporter

It was Moonbin who caught the reporter’s eye the most. Alongside MJ and JinJin, they answered all his questions enthusiastically.

After saying my piece to the press team, I started interviewing them. And Moonbin immediately caught my attention. He was such a bright spirit, lighting up the whole space. MJ also caught my eyes. That being said, I didn’t feel so upset anymore so I tried to keep the interview lighthearted. And I still remember how MJ, JinJin, and Moonbin answered all my questions with such enthusiasm and great energy. I remember thinking, ‘These guys are going to be huge’ because of how smart and bold they were. I snapped a picture with the members after the interview, but the cellphone that I used back then has since broke. I tossed it before I could grab the picture from it…

— Reporter

5. My Friend Told Me That Moonbin Is Such A Good Person.

Date Posted: April 21

A netizen took to Twitter to share her friend’s experience with the K-Pop idol. As a staff member in a music video production company, they got the chance to work with the unit team Moonbin & Sanha. They were all praise for the former, saying that he is “such a good person.”

My friend works with K-Pop music video production, so they’ve worked with Moonbin and Sanha on a couple of occasions. After I became an ASTRO fan, my friend told me that Moonbin is such a good person. They said Moonbin is bound to become a huge star…my friend just could not stop praising Moonbin. And so Moonbin is going to be my pride and joy for the rest of my life. I’m going to talk about him forever and ever, until I can’t talk anymore.

— Twitter User @mj_hagumi

| @moon_ko_ng/Instagram

6. Moonbin Came By A Café Where My Sibling Used To Work.

Moonbin made a big impression on a café worker thanks to his endearing smile.

This isn’t much…but years ago, for a K-Drama shoot, Moonbin came by a cafe where my sibling used to work. And when he ordered, he had a huge smile on his face. I can almost picture the face that he must have made while asking for his iced americano. Since hearing about it, I’ve always considered Moonbin to be such a good, kind soul…I hope he has found peace. I’ll remember him for a long time.

— Netizen

7. Moonbin Was Well Known To Be A Bright Guy.

Another netizen posted a comment in an online community that Moonbin’s reputation behind the scenes was as a “bright guy” who took initiative to greet everyone first.

My sibling also works for a production team and they were going through a lot of feelings since the news…from what I’ve heard, Moonbin was well known among production staff to be a bright guy who would always say hi first. A lot of staff members remember him as a generally good person.

— Netizen

8. He had the brightest smile on his face.

Lastly, a K-Pop fan of another group recounted how sweet Moonbin was to them despite being from a different fandom.

Can I also share a story about Moonbin? I went to accompany a different idol group’s performance. When I arrived, ASTRO was rehearsing. After the rehearsal, Moonbin greeted us and thanked us for what we do—even though we weren’t there for his team. He was soaking in sweat, but he didn’t care. He had the brightest smile on his face. He was so polite, saying hello to each and every one of us… I was starting to feel a bit exhausted from the long standby until Moonbin came by and flashed his warm smile at me… I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget. I hope he’s in a good place, resting in peace and eternal happiness.

— Netizen

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