More K-Pop Stars Pay Their Respects To ASTRO’s Moonbin

May he be happy up there.

K-Pop stars have begun to mourn and pay their respects to ASTRO‘s Moonbin. Celebrities such as Hani, Hong Seok Chun, BTS‘s RM, and more have already expressed their heartfelt regrets. These tributes can be read below.

K-Pop’s Brightest Stars Mourn The Loss Of ASTRO’s Moonbin

As the day passed in quiet tears, more celebrities stepped up to remember the star.

1. Kim Jong Kook


Hello. This is Kim Jong Kook. He was a junior I had also wanted to see on my channel. Rest in peace. And, I wish to let you all know that the upload scheduled for April 20, 6pm, will be delayed. I hope my subscribers can understand.

— Kim Jong Kook

2. Taemin (SHINee)

I remember how he shined on stage. I hope he continues to always shine as he was, and that he is happy there.

— Taemin

3. Son Ji Hyun (former Nam Jihyun of 4MINUTE)

Ji Hyun uploaded a photo of white chrysanthemum, a flower of mourning.

4. JENYER (former Jiyoon of 4MINUTE)

JENYER uploaded a pitch black screen to express her mourning.

5. Yunho (TVXQ)

I won’t forget how you shined as you smiled brightly. I pray that you will be happy and at peace there.

— Yunho

6. Kim Jaejoong

I hope you are happier in the sky…

— Jaejoong


Moonbin recently passed away on April 19, 2023. He was one of the industry’s brightest stars. Rest in peace.


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