K-Pop’s Brightest Stars Mourn The Loss Of ASTRO’s Moonbin

The stars mourned the loss of one of their own.

K-Pop’s biggest stars are mourning the passing of ASTRO‘s Moonbin.

Moonbin | Trendbiz

On April 19, one of K-Pop’s beloved idols, ASTRO’s Moonbin, sadly passed away. The tragic news has shocked the K-Pop industry, and many of its biggest stars paid tribute to the late idol.

ASTRO’s Moonbin Has Passed Away According To Yonhap News

Below is a list of celebrities paying tribute to the late idol.


According to a news report, on April 20, IU held an interview for her upcoming movie, Dream. According to the report, IU paid her respect for the late idol by asking outlets not to release the interview until a designated time and date. Although promoting her movie is important, IU reportedly wanted to pay tribute to her hoobae.


BTS‘s RM also paid his respects. On April 20, the BTS member posted a black background without any captions as a way to express his grief which isn’t describable in words.

Jang Sung Kyu

Former announcer and TV Personality Jang Sung Kyu paid his respects to the late idol on his live radio show.

Jang Sung Kyu | Newsis

On April 20, the personality expressed disbelief and stated that he had seen the idol recently.

In the early morning, there was sad news. I don’t believe it. The news reported that Moonbin had passed away in his home. He seemed so bright recently. I don’t know what is going on, and it is hard to believe. Rest in peace.

— Jang Sung Kyu

Jang Sung Kyu had appeared with Moonbin on several variety shows, including Surprise and Kkokkomu.

Kwon Hyuk Soo

Comedian Kwon Hyuk Soo paid tribute to the late idol.

Kwon Hyuk Soo | Kookmin Ilbo

On April 20, the comedian posted on his Instagram where he expressed his sadness.

I love you so much… I’m sorry, thankful, and I miss you. Be well.

— Kwon Hyuk Soo

Kim Ho Young

Musical actor Kim Ho Young paid tribute by posting photos of a chrysanthemum.

Kim Ho Young | Newsis

The musical actor captioned his Instagram story with sorrowful regret.

My heart is heavy… I am sorry I couldn’t keep my promise to take you out for a meal…

— @hoyhoyoung/Instagram

EXID’s Hani

EXID‘s Hani paid tribute to the late idol.

Hani | MBN

On April 20, the idol posted a black background with a prayer emoji.

EXID’s Hyelin

EXID’s Hyelin also paid tribute to the late idol.

Hyelin |

While hosting a press conference for a variety program, the idol mourned Moonbin.

I’ve received the sad news about Moonbin. I would like to pay my respects. I will remember the beauty that he showed on stage.

— Hyelin

Jung Shin Hye

Actress Jung Shin Hye who acted in the web drama The Mermaid Prince, paid tribute to the late idol through an Instagram story.

Jung Shin Hye | @bonheur_sinhye_may/Instagram

On April 20, the actress uploaded an Instagram story.

I won’t forget your kind and understanding heart. While you are there, don’t be hurt, and I hope you are peaceful and do everything that you want to do. See you soon.

— Jung Shin Hye

Hyolin (formerly of Sistar)

Former Sistar vocalist Hyolin also paid tribute in an Instagram post.

Hyolyn | @xhyolynx/Instagram

On April 20, Hyolyn uploaded an Instagram story where she paid her respect to the fallen star.

I’ll pray that, in that place, you aren’t hurt.

— Hyolyn

Kim Shin Young

Comedian Kim Shin Young gave her condolences on her radio show.

Kim Shin Young | YTN

During the opening of her radio show, the comedian expressed her sadness and paid her respects.

Yesterday, I really enjoyed the sun, but now it seems like it is going to rain within three minutes. The weather is unpredictable. I heard the really sad news. Again, I pray for the deceased.

— Kim Shin Young

Wumuti (Boys Planet)

Current contestant on Boys Planet, Wumuti, paid his respect in an Instagram post.

Wumuti | Mnet

In his post, the audition show contestant revealed that he was very close with Moonbin and had spoken to the late idol recently.

Hyung, it feels like just yesterday we spoke throughout the night and promised each other to live healthy lives and to eat together, so imagining bowing to a picture of you is really hard for me… You did so well, hyung. Please go to a good place and be happy and healthy, hyung. I’ll keep the promises we made in your stead. I miss you a lot, and I love you, hyung.

— Wumuti

Hong Seok Cheon

Comedian Hong Seok Cheon paid tribute to the late idol in an Instagram post.

Hong Seok Cheon | SBS

In a poignant letter, the veteran comedian and LGBTQ activist revealed he was a fan of Moonbin, expressed his sorrow, and regretted not being able to do anything for his hoobae.

I was so heartbroken after hearing the news last night. I was a fan and rooted for you, but as your sunbae, I haven’t done anything for you. Please rest in peace. I am sorry, I am so sorry.

— Hong Seok Cheon

CSJH The Grace’s Sunday

Veteran singer Sunday of CSJH The Grace paid tribute to Moonbin in an Instagram post.

Sunday | @sunday040728/Instagram

In an Instagram post, the former idol paid her respects to the idol and wished for all of K-Pop’s idols to be healthy.

I send my condolences. This is heartbreaking. I hope all my sunbaes, hoobaes, and colleagues are healthy in mind and body.

— Sunday

Updates will be added as they are announced.

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