10+ Looks From ATEEZ’s Hongjoong That Proves He Is The King Of Accessorizing

His style is so unique!

From his incredible rapping skills to being an incredible songwriter, ATEEZ‘s leader Hongjoong can do it all! Not only is Hongjoong a musical genius but is also a huge fashionista! His looks are always so unique and maybe it’s due to his amazing skills in accessorizing!

Here are 10+ looks from ATEEZ’s Hongjoong that proves he is the king of accessorizing!

1. Hongjoong stage outfit!

Hongjoong’s stage outfits are always stunning with several unique accessories! From his jewelry to his belt, Hongjoong is simply gorgeous!

2. His super cute pear necklace

I’m pretty sure Hongjoong has a huge collection of necklaces at home! This pear necklace is almost as cute as Hongjoong himself!

3. His unique rings

It’s pretty well known that Hongjoong is always wearing the coolest rings! I mean, look at this one!

4. His decorated blue glove matches his blue hair!

All this blue is too cute! And look at the adorable details on the glove! Hongjoong really has the coolest accessories!

5. Plaid is definitely his pattern!

The way his pants match his hat! And his black suspenders definitely add a great pop to his white shirt! He literally is the king of accessories!

6. Hongjoong’s iconic goggle look!

I think we can all agree Hongjoong’s goggles are iconic!

7. We love Hongjoong in a beret!

Berets are definitely a huge trend amongst K-Pop idols and Hongjoong definitely rocks them! Isn’t he just so cute in this beret?! Definitely shows off his youthful features.

8. Simple pieces of accessories really add to an outfit!

There are so many accessories with this look it’s stunning!

9. He can style his accessories for a totally chic look!

With his shades, layered necklaces, and sophisticated bag, Hongjoong looks like he’s on his way to close a business deal!

10. Hongjoong in some cute frames!

Whether his glasses are real or fake, he definitely looks gorgeous in them!

11. Does anyone else want to know where he got these cute pieces of jewelry?!

Hongjoong’s always catching the eyes of those around him with his bright and colorful accessories! From his earrings to his many bracelets, Hongjoong constantly shines bright!

12. Don’t you love how he matches his accessories with his clothing?

His headband perfectly matches his rolled-up sleeves! His looks are always perfect!

13. His many necklaces! Love how he layers them!

How many necklaces does he have on because they look so good layered like that!

14. He knows how to stay warm!

Even in the cold, Hongjoong can figure out how to accessorize his looks with some winter accessories! His fuzzy hat and plaid scarf seem to be keeping him warm!