20 Relatable Reactions To ATEEZ’s Intense New Music Video For The Japanese Version Of “ROCKY”

ATEEZ always delivers 🙏

As an exciting pre-release for their upcoming Japanese album BEYOND: ZERO, which is set to come out on May 25, ATEEZ has released an intense music video for the Japanese version of their B-side hit “ROCKY”!

The music video features each of the members looking tough and fight-ready with some powerful choreography and impressive vocals (which is expected of the talented group!). Understandably, some fan reactions to the intense video were pretty extreme, but we definitely can relate to them! Here are 20 of the best and funniest reactions to the music video from Twitter.

1. There are a lot of these kinds of comments 😂

2. We weren’t kidding 🤣

3. If you say you didn’t swerve into Yeosang’s lane, you’re lying.

4. The power this man holds 🙌

5. This was an important day for ATEEZ and ATINYs for multiple reasons!

6. And no one is complaining 👀

7. This concept suits Wooyoung so well!

8. The fanart already made is so incredible??

9. Where is the lie?

10. It wouldn’t be an ATEEZ MV without it!

11. He really puts his all into his performance!

12. He’s been waiting all this time.

13. This is so true 😂

14. The most powerful maknae 🙌

15. He really looks ready to fight.

16. He is such an icon!

17. His intense stare alone is enough to knock people out 👀

18. ATEEZ’s stylists know what they’re doing.

19. So are we 🙃

20. Just keep this in mind 😂

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