14 Interactions Between ATEEZ And KQ Entertainment Staff That Show Their Wholesome Relationship

We stan both KQ Entertainment’s idols and staff!

While the relationship between K-Pop idols and the staff in their company is sometimes relatively unknown — or even, in some upsetting circumstances, not good at all — it’s a well-known fact among the ATEEZ fandom that the members have a great relationship with their managers and other staff at KQ Entertainment! There have been numerous occasions where the members have openly praised and thanked the staff at their company, as well as public interactions between them that show just how wholesome their relationship is. Here are 14 examples of this endearing bond between ATEEZ and their staff!

1. When a manager held and rubbed Mingi’s back when he was dealing with back pain and needed support.

2. When their stylists adorably joined in on the iconic dance for “Say My Name.

3. When Yunho playfully pranked members of Staff by hiding in a fridge.

4. When their manager made them cute bracelets when the members were going through quarantine.

5. When ATINYs got to see the endearing relationship between Wooyoung and his backup dancers.

6. When Hongjoong gets adorable around his best friend and ATEEZ’s composer, Maddox.

7. The numerous gifts that their CEO (who they call “father”) has bought for them without being asked.

8. All of the times that ATEEZ’s members have made sure staff members are getting fed and taken care of properly.

9. The fact that the staff and ATEEZ members hang out together like they’re a family.

10. When the staff members prepared a cake for ATEEZ’s first win with “Wave” 🥺

11. When ATEEZ’s staff members protected them from paparazzi on their return from Jeju Island earlier this year.

12. When the staff members supported Wooyoung through his camera phobia and stage fright, helping him get over it quickly.

13. When ATEEZ’s manager went out of his way on a day off to take Yunho to his hometown in Gwangju.

14. And finally, all of the countless times that their producer Eden has supported, praised, and worked incredibly hard to support ATEEZ.