Just 25 Photos Appreciating ATEEZ’s Members’ Hard-Earned, Beautiful Muscles

We are looking respectfully 👀

There are countless reasons to love and stan ATEEZ: For their incredible and inspiring music, their phenomenal stage presence, the loveable and hilarious nature of the members… The list goes on. They also have absolutely gorgeous visuals, and often pull off all kinds of unique and unconventional looks and styles that look amazing on them!

Some of the members are more interested in working out than others, but all of them have impressive muscle definition, likely just from all the energy and effort they put into their idol work! Here are 25 photos, videos, and gifs just admiring and appreciating ATEEZ’s members’ hard-earned, beautiful figures.

1. Hongjoong

Hongjoong has been raved about lately because of his well-developed pecs, and who can blame people for appreciating them?

2. Seonghwa

Seonghwa had ATINYs screaming when he had his stunning abs reveal during the ZERO: FEVER Part.1 era, and it’s easy to see why! His arms are nothing to laugh at, either…

3. Yunho

Getting a glimpse of Yunho’s muscles is a somewhat rare sight, but what we have seen (and what we imagine he must look like with as big and strong as he is) is glorious! The power in his thighs alone must be enormous.

4. Yeosang

ATINYs are well-aware that Yeosang regularly hits the gym, and it’s extremely obvious by how ripped he is!

5. San

San is the other member of ATEEZ who is known to work out on a regular basis, and it clearly shows with how well-defined he is in… Basically every part of his body!

6. Mingi

Mingi’s tall, handsome figure is made only more beautiful by how stunningly toned and balanced he is!

7. Wooyoung

Wooyoung has said before that he focuses mainly on toning his chest, and it definitely shows in his gorgeous upper body!

8. Jongho

Like Yunho, even though Jongho doesn’t show off his physique that often, we all know how strong this powerful maknae is, so there’s no doubt that he’s totally ripped!