15 Precious Times When ATEEZ’s Members Lovingly Took Care Of Each Other

The relationships between all the members are so sweet.

The members of ATEEZ have made it clear how much they truly love and care for each other over the last three years. While some of the members, such as Wooyoung and Yeosang or Yunho and Mingi, were friends before they became trainees, the rest of the members seemed to have bonded incredibly tightly during their trainee period and beyond, and it shows in how they look after each other without conscious thought. Here are 15 times where the members took care of each other publicly!

1. They all seem to love looking after Mingi in particular, they must be so happy that he’s back!

2. The number of times they’ve helped Yeosang with stray crumbs is endearing.

3. They aren’t afraid to show their love and affection for each other with small actions.

4. They can all act older or younger than other members depending on their mood or who they’re around!

5. Jongho may be the youngest, but he cares so much for his older members.

6. Yunho looks like a mother bird feeding chicks here 😂

7. Even if it’s just something little, the members always have each others’ best interests in mind.

8. Whether it’s physical health or mental health, they never hesitate to support each other.

9. During times when members have had to perform sitting on stage due to injuries, the rest always figure out a way to still include them in the performance!

10. On-stage or off-stage, they make sure that they all take care of injuries properly and don’t do anything to make them worse!

11. Yeosang used to be quite shy, but thanks to the other members supporting and encouraging him, he’s really blossomed!

12. A leader like Hongjoong that takes care of everyone else needs someone like Seonghwa to do the same for him!

13. San and Wooyoung in particular are especially close, and it’s clear in how they interact with each other all the time.

14. Seonghwa isn’t known as the “mother” of the group for no reason!

15. At the end of the day, ATEEZ can always rely on Wooyoung to feed them!


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