13 Times That ATEEZ Members’ Pride Suffered From Hilarious Accidents

At least they’re quick to laugh at themselves!

ATEEZ may seem like a K-Pop group that is powerful, intimidating, and always graceful to those that don’t know them very well and/or have only seen their more intense performances. However, while they certainly are these things, they’re also goofy and prone to being so extra that they end up making hilarious accidents!

Here are 13 times that the members of ATEEZ found themselves in some embarrassing predicaments… But they always end up laughing at themselves in the end.

1. The time that Hongjoong kicked with so much power… That he fell over.

2. When dinosaur Yeosang was too dizzy to go on.

3. When Mingi “broke” a prop during a photoshoot… And the resulting photo is priceless.

4. When San showed that even someone as incredibly agile and athletic as him can still end up on their butt.

5. When Yeosang and Wooyoung both had a little trouble while making pottery.

6. When Seonghwa got attacked by a balloon(?).

7. When Yeosang broke an ornament… And tried to hide the evidence.

8. When Mingi accidentally kicked San in an… Unfortunate place.

9. When Hongjoong once again underestimated the power of his kicks.

10. When San wasn’t supported by his fellow members.

11. When Mingi almost hit himself in the head… With his own shoe.

12. This unforgettable Yunho handstand.

13. And finally, when Yeosang misheard something in a hilarious way.

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