11 Times Mingi Proved He’s The Real Maknae of ATEEZ

Who’s the real baby of the group?

Jongho may be the actual maknae of ATEEZ, but that doesn’t keep rapper Mingi from trying to steal the spotlight with his youthful energy and silly antics.

Here are 11 times Mingi almost fooled us into thinking he’s actually the youngest member of ATEEZ!

1.  When he dressed up and acted like a baby shark

2. When he did this tiny aegyo hip thrust for “Answer”

3. When he attacked Hongjoong and ran

4. When he made the rest of ATEEZ cringe from his cuteness

5. When he got called out by his own member for being the youngest

6. When he wore a basket on his head

7. When he gets babied by the other members

8. When he just did straight aegyo

9. When he did… Whatever this is

10. When he tries and fails to wink

11. And finally, this whole compilation of hearts, winks, and peace signs