ATEEZ’s OT8 Comeback Is Almost Out — Here Are 15 Pieces Of Incredible Fanart To Get You Even More Excited

ATINYs are so ridiculously talented!

ATEEZ‘s second comeback of the year (and first one with all eight members now that Mingi has returned!) is set to come out on September 13, less than a week away. In order to celebrate and anticipate the release of ZERO: FEVER Part.3, here’s a look at 15 pieces of incredible fanart created by just a few of the many extremely talented ATINYs in the ATEEZ fandom!

1. This gorgeous painting of Seonghwa inspired by the “Deja Vu” teaser pictures, created by @avgcatboyliker, is breathtaking!

2. This creative piece of Yunho and Mingi made by @jasperiine is too precious for words!

3. Because of this adorable and beautiful piece of San in Kiki’s Delivery Service created by @feathert3ther, is an ATEEZ and Studio Ghibli collab too much to ask for??

4. This amazing mashup of ATEEZ and the anime Soul Eater created by @TheBlackWolf94 is absolutely something the members would love!

5. The bold, bright colors used in this painting of Yeosang made by @chewytreee are absolutely stunning!

6. This gorgeous painting of Wooyoung created by @kaitoniku is just as sexy as the idol himself is 🥵

7. The smile on this painting of Mingi made by @leniniArrr is just as bright and beautiful as it is in real life!

8. This creative combination of ATEEZ and Avatar: The Last Airbender made by @_011019 is absolute proof that this is another collab we’d love to see.

9. This “Deja Vu” painting of Yunho made by @khunkaem is just as gorgeous as the original teaser image!

10. This recreation of San and Wooyoung’s iconic part in the “Eternal Sunshine” choreography made by @loralolas is everything!!

11. This ethereal painting of Jongho made by @Koalin8 won’t replace him in performances while he’s resting, but it’s still stunning!

12. This recreation of San as a flying-type Pokémon gym leader made by @DanceEmber is just adorable!

13. The pastel colors used in this painting of Hongjoong made by @hen_is_tweeting are so pretty!

14. The contrast of soft, muted colors on Yeosang paired with the bold background in this piece made by @heyjuuii is so pleasing to look at!

15. And finally, this adorable chibi group drawing painted by @noey_270 is the perfect piece to wrap this list up with!