15+ Fan Reactions To ATEEZ’s Legendary Collaboration With Pentatonix, “A Little Space”

This is a collaboration that will go down in K-Pop history!

Just a couple of days ago, Grammy-winning acapella group Pentatonix announced that they had reached out to ATEEZ asking to do a collaboration with the K-Pop group, and that they had ended up recording a song together! Members YunhoSan, and Jongho — lead vocalists and the main vocalist of ATEEZ respectively — took part in the song “A Little Space”, which was released earlier today!

Fans of the group were understandably ecstatic for ATEEZ’s members to have the opportunity to perform with a well-known, talented, and much-loved artist such as Pentatonix, and there’s no surprise that the song turned out incredible. Here are 15+ relatable fan reactions to the song’s release!

1. This isn’t just a small collaboration, this is a big deal!

2. This is only days after their equally legendary collaboration with K-Pop icon Kim Jong Kook!

3. They may be most well-known for their incredible performance abilities, but their vocals are also phenomenal.

4. No doubt about this!

5. Full group retro comeback when??

6. These are just facts 🙌

7. The caption says it all!

8. Pentatonix clearly knows talent.

9. They’ve come so far in less than 3 years!

10. Every ATINY is so proud of them right now!

11. They don’t need a live stage to show off their performance abilities and charisma.

12. ATEEZ worldwide domination is coming.

13. Who wouldn’t want to collaborate with these talented sweethearts?

14. They have the perfect voices for acapella, truly.

15. Even non-ATINYs are loving the song (and who wouldn’t?)!

16. Whether you were here from the beginning or are just now joining the fandom, we’re in this together on this voyage with these incredible men ❤️

If you haven’t watched the full music video for yourself yet, or want to watch it again, check it out here!