ATEEZ Proves They’re A Parent-Approved K-Pop Group With These 13 Fan Testimonies

Their message of self-love and friendship is one that anyone can appreciate.

One of the best feelings as a K-Pop fan is when you can convince your family or friends to listen to your favorite artist… And they end up falling for them as hard as you have. What’s even better is when they not only love the music that the artist releases, but they love and appreciate the idols themselves as well!

ATEEZ is a group who appeals to people of pretty much any age and demographic, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that fans have been sharing stories of their parents’ reactions and feelings for the K-Pop group. Here are 13 such sweet testimonies!

1. There have been several stories about parents attending ATEEZ’s recent concerts in the U.S. with their children, which is unbelievably wholesome.

2. Some fans’ parents can’t help but really get into the music, and who can blame them?

3. Some parents are even sharing their enjoyment of the group to their own friends and partners.

4. This sounds like a new ATINY in the making!

5. Of course, we can’t forget about this sweet and emotional conversation between Seonghwa and an ATINY’s mom.

6. This ATINYs mom has good taste 👀

7. We love to see parents spreading the ATEEZ agenda.

8. Not even grandparents can resist the allure of ATEEZ!

9. Talk about a fashionable mom & daughter pair of ATINYs!

10. We love to see multi-stan parents and siblings too!

11. Parents and grandparents are even out here choosing their ATEEZ biases!

12. One mom shared her strong approval for ATEEZ’s vocals!

13. And finally, this mom put an adorable amount of effort into getting to know the members!