Just 15+ Beautiful And Stunning Images Of ATEEZ’s San To Bless Your Timeline

He’s always so incredibly swoon-worthy 😍

In ATEEZ‘s most recent comeback, ZERO: FEVER Part. 2, all of the members of the group had fans swooning over their gorgeous visuals. One member in particular, however, really caught people’s attention, and it’s easy to see why.

San might not be an official visual of ATEEZ, but there’s no denying how sharp, stunning, and beautiful his visuals are. Here’s a series of 15+ photos to showcase all different sides, soft and powerful, of this incredibly talented idol!

1. This comeback was nothing short of heaven for San stans.


2. The pink hair suits him well, but honestly, what doesn’t??


3. Cutest duck face ever.


4. Slytherin has never looked so good.

5. Even bare-faced, his visuals are striking and beautiful.


6. His side profile is absolutely swoon-worthy.

7. We see you’ve been working out lately 👀 And we are blessed.

8. His cute close-ups are cleansing for the soul.


9. But then again, his incredible facial expressions on stage can make any ATINY’s heart race.

10. Even in unplanned, impromptu photos, his visuals are flawless.

11. Glasses make him look beautiful and intelligent.


12. Even with a mask on, his gaze is captivating.

13. Speaking of captivating, it can be so hard to tear your eyes away from him when he’s in his element on stage.

14. Slicked back hair looks wonderful on him too!


15. San proves that crop tops can be for anyone.

16. And then in an instant, he can be as cute and soft as this all over again!

17. Does he ever not look incredibly stylish?

18. We stan a well-hydrated king.

19. Finally, this may not be an image, but… How can we not share this stunning sight??


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