13 Best Moments From ATEEZ San’s Belated Birthday Livestream


On August 7, ATEEZ member San hosted a livestream event to celebrate his birthday belatedly! Since he wasn’t able to host it on his birthday back on July 10 as he’d just been diagnosed with COVID-19 and had to quarantine himself, ATINYs were ecstatic to be able to enjoy this event with him now.

Here’s a look at 13 moments from the livestream that were entertaining, hilarious, and endearing!

1. When he did Mingi’s iconic cheek heart ❤️

2. When Wooyoung called San’s parents his own mom and dad 🥺

3. Just… This entire adorable moment.

4. And then when San attempted the challenge himself!

5. When Wooyoung started laughing so hard that he choked himself 😂

6. When he told both Mingi and Seonghwa to say he loved him, and got completely different responses.

7. When San tried to teach Wooyoung the choreography of “Diamond” from Imitation… And this was how he did it 😂

8. When San’s father thanked ATINYs and said that he loved them, and this was Wooyoung and San’s reaction 🥺😂

9. The affectionate gestures between San and Wooyoung are so sweet and natural.

10. When the two of them shamelessly (and deservedly!) shoved food in their face together.

11. When he decided to bless ATINYs’ ears with his voice 😍

12. Just… This whole segment of San cooking meat without saying anything but still making fans swoon without trying.

13. And finally, this moment that had every ATINY tearing up.


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