15 Times ATEEZ’s San And Wooyoung Proved They’re Total Friendship Goals

They’re ridiculously adorable.

All of the relationships among the members of ATEEZ are precious, and it’s easy to tell that they love and care about each other like family. There are some pairings among the group that particularly stand out, like Hongjoong and Seonghwa, and San and Wooyoung are another well-known pair of besties.

It’s clear to see that these two mean the world to each other, with the way they tease and hug and support one another. Here are just 15 of the countless time that “Woosan” have proven they’re total friendship goals!

1. Look at these cuties affectionately hugging.

2. The intensity that they look at each other with is practically tangible.

3. Are you crying yet?

4. They’re not afraid to be close and affectionate with each other.

5. Biting is a sign of true friendship, right?

6. They way they care for and support each other is beautiful.

7. They are so adorably, shamelessly cute together.

8. There is no one more proud of their friendship than themselves!

9. Matching friendship bracelets!!

10. Get you a friend that will nuzzle you like Wooyoung nuzzles San.

11. Who wouldn’t want a friend that looks after them like this?

12. What kind of best friendship doesn’t have playful teasing?

13. There’s nothing fake about this friendship!

14. This iconic, intense choreography will never get old.

15. How can you not love these cuties?