13 Times ATEEZ’s Seonghwa Proved Why He’s In The Visual Line

He’s just so pretty.

ATEEZ is one of those groups whose members are overall so handsome that they couldn’t choose just one visual.  That’s why Wooyong, Yeosang, and Seonghwa are all considered visuals of the group!

While they all deserve recognition for their charisma and good looks, Seonghwa has often dominated the attention from fans with his wicked onstage charm and killer facials. In celebration of today’s #AtinySelcaDay for ATEEZ’s fandom, ATINY, here are 13 times that he proved that he was meant to be in the visual line!

1. When he pulled off this chic boyfriend look flawlessly

2. When he proved how good he looked in red – clothing and makeup – during this performance

3. When he showed off how well he can rock a little bling

4. When he looked so soft and innocent bare-faced and in a sweater

5. When he proved all he needs to show is his face to look handsome in extra-cozy clothing

6. When he looked so casually elegant in a simple white blouse

7. When he pulled off a new hairstyle that had ATINYs shaking

8. Honestly, anytime he’s on stage and gives fans this look

9. When he wore circular glasses that only enhanced his good looks

10. The time that he wore a big puffy jacket but his visuals were still as sharp as a knife

11. When he went for a lighter and fluffier hairstyle paired with a soft lavender sweater

12. When he made fans swoon over this mesh ensemble

13. And lastly, this comfy and summery vibe he pulled off without any effort